India Travel Tips for tourist and travel agents coming or planning a visit to India. This section will help tourist/visitors traveling to India.

India Travel Tips

Indian Beggar Handling Tips - While traveling in India, you will come across beggars on red lights, temples and outside famous tourist sites. Give money only to those who you think are truly in need. Be careful not be mobbed by them.

Clothes to Wear - During summers and monsoon carry loose cotton clothes and during winters pack some woolens as winter are quite cold especially in north India. Men can wear anything ranging from jeans, trousers, pyjamas etc but Women should dress conservatively keeping Indian culture in mind.

Modes of Communication - Communicating is not a problem while traveling in India as various traditional as well as modern modes of communication are available in the country like postal services, public phone booths, cyber cafes and mobile phones.

Indian Money - You can exchange your currency into Indian currency i.e. rupee at accredited bureaus, money changers at airports, banks and big hotels .It's advisable not to carry large amount of cash.

India Domestic Airlines - There are many domestic airlines in India connecting one part of the country to others like Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air Deccan etc.

International Airlines - There are number of international airlines connecting India to rest of the world like Air India, Air Sahara, Indian Airlines etc. 

India Travel Documents - Passport and Visa are two important documents while traveling in India. It is advisable to carry photocopies of these documents as well. In case your passport is stolen or lost, immediately inform the nearest police station and contact your country's embassy or consulate in Delhi as soon as possible.

Food Precautions - Eat only the freshly cooked food. Never eat anything from outside the roadside vendors and lower end restaurants.

Tourist Guides - Hire only those guides who are authorized by the Indian government. Only pay the amount fixed in advance and stick to the places you know.

Health Precautions - Follow the health precautions given below while traveling to India :
Carry a kit of basic emergency medicines you might need. Avoid eating from roadside vendors. If you fall sick, it is better to visit a doctor. Get yourself vaccine after consulting your doctor before coming to India. 

Indian Holidays - India is a land of festivals and some of the holidays celebrated in India are Republic Day, Muharram, Holi, Mahavir Jayanti, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Indian Visa - There are number of Indian visas like Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Employment Visa etc. , suitable for different purposes of travel.

International Airports - There are number of national as well as international airports catering to ever rising number of tourists and other travelers coming to India. The main India International airports are Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chennai International airport, Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport etc.

Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit India is during winter season because of cool weather and the celebrations mood as during this time maximum well-known festivals are celebrated.

Tips for Women Travelers - There are some travel tips to be followed by women while traveling to India because of India being a conservative. They are: Do not venture in isolated places alone. Don't wear revealing clothes. Avoid talking to men in friendly manner when you are traveling in buses, trains etc.