Shopping can be a lot of fun in India as it produces an incredibly wide range of items. Each region has its specialty, and many towns are famous for certain crafts. If you are a fan of carpets, textiles, leatherwork, silverwork or antiques, you'll find that India is a superb place to shop. No matter how big or small the shop, bargaining is a way of life. The shopkeeper will expect you to haggle down the price, so have fun with it and settle on a price you feel is fair.

One of India's main products is textiles. Rajasthan and Chennai cotton, Varanasi silk brocades, and Kashmir woollen shawls are all excellent buys. A cloth with a blend of cotton and silk called himroo is unique to India. Carpets are another major industry, and if you care to ship one home each region produces its own unique style of weaving and patterns .